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Agriculture & Natural Resources

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The Role of Agriculture in the California Economy

Part of Course: Agriscience/Intro to Ag Model

Unit Overview / Details

This unit contains lessons about the history of agriculture in California, how agriculture effects our lives, and its economic impact both locally and nationally.

Content / Concepts

  • history of the agricultural industry in California
  • how California agriculture affects the quality of life
  • the interrelationship of California agriculture and society at the local, state, national, and international levels
  • the economic impact of leading California agricultural commodities
  • the economic impact of major natural resources in California
  • the economic importance of major agricultural exports and imports

Instructional Hours

5 Hours

CTE Standards

Lessons in this Unit

  • This lesson touches on the history of agriculture. including those people who made significant inventions that impacted agriculture. This includes how technology has changed through time to allow us to produce increasing quantities of food to feed our population

    1 class period
    50 Minutes
  • In this lesson, students will be exposed to the impact that California Agriculture has on the State's economy annually. In order to understand this impact, students will investigate the top 20 commodities produced in California and their estimated economic value.

    1 Block Period
    90 Minutes