Unit Industry Sector
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Unit Originally Created By: Karen Dalton-Wemp

Animals: Their importance, Domestication, and Role

Part of Course: Agriscience/Intro to Ag Model

Unit Overview / Details

This unit contains lessons regarding domesticated animals: their evolution and purpose, modern-day uses of animals and animal by-products, various points of view for animal usage, and unique and alternative animal uses.

Content / Concepts

  • The evolution and roles of domesticated animals in society
  • The differences between domestication and natural selection
  • The modern-day uses of animals and animal by-products
  • Points of view regarding animal uses
  • Unique and alternative uses of animals

Instructional Hours

5 Hours

CTE Standards

Lessons in this Unit

  • This is one lesson in a unit about Domestic animals and society. Students will define domestication and then we will discuss human evolution, symbiosis and domestication of modern species.

    1 class period
    50 Minutes
  • This is an overview lesson of the use of animals such as bison, ostrich, emus, kiwis, cassowary, llamas, alpacas and elk. It will briefly tell the difference between animals such as bison and buffalo, and llamas and alpacas. Each animal listed will have a brief descriptions of its uses and importance. There is a short video clip from Dirty Jobs when Mike Rowe goes to work at an Ostrich Farm.

  • This is an overview lesson of animal waste and its potential use in an agricultural setting.  During the course of the lesson students will identify the main types and categories of agricultural animal waste, as well as describe and discuss ways to recycle the waste.

    1 Block Period
    90 Minutes
  • This is an overview lesson of animal behavior.  During the course of the lesson, students will define behavior, discuss anthropormorphism, and identify behaviors displayed by animals and their meaning/significance.

    1 Block Period
    90 Minutes