Unit Industry Sector
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Unit Originally Created By: Karen Dalton-Wemp

Basic Cell Structure and Function of Plants and Animals

Part of Course: Agriscience/Intro to Ag Model

Unit Overview / Details

This unit contains lessons about cell purpose, anatomy, and function, as well as cell actions-osmosis and division, and how plant and animal cells are alike and different.

Instructional Hours

5 Hours

Content / Concepts

  • Purpose and anatomy of cells
  • How cell parts function
  • Various cell actions, such as osmosis and cell division
  • How plant and animal cells are alike and different

CTE Standards

Lessons in this Unit

  • This lesson will cover the structures and functions of eukaryotic cell organelles; briefly encompassing basic differentiation between plant and animal cell structures.

    Review/Introduction to Cells
    10 Minutes
    Cell Structure & Function
    106 Minutes
    Cell Superheroes
    106 Minutes
    Independent Practice, Cell Activities
    60 Minutes