Unit Industry Sector
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Unit Originally Created By: Karen Dalton-Wemp

Soil Science Principles

Part of Course: Agriscience/Intro to Ag Model

Unit Overview / Details

This unit contains lessons regarding soil components and types, soil texture, structure, pH and salinity, water delivery and irrigation systems, soil amendments, and fertilizers.

Instructional Hours

15 Hours

Content / Concepts

  • Major soil components and types
  • How soil texture, structure, pH, and salinity affect plant growth
  • Water delivery and irrigation system options
  • Types, uses, and applications of amendments and fertilizers

CTE Standards

Lessons in this Unit

  • In this lesson students will learn about the basic soils components, importance of soils,main ideas in land evaluation including: texture, depth, slope and erosion and career possibilities.

    Instructional Time
    60 Minutes