Unit Industry Sector
Manufacturing & Product Development

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Introduction to Machine Shop

Part of Course: Machine Tool Technology Model

Unit Overview / Details

General desription of class goals. Guided tour of the manual shop equipment. Teach machine shop concepts. Provide stepping stone to C.N.C. machining.  Careers in the machine tool technology.

Instructional hours

2 Days

Content/ Concepts

  • understand the use of machines in the modern machine lab
  • understand the manufacturing industry and its many sectors
  • use safe and proper machining practices
  • understand the correct machine to use for the manufacturing of a product


Lessons in this Unit

  • This lesson will provide students an overview of the importance of manufacturing in their everyday life and what jobs are possible with skills learned in manufacturing. Students in this class will be engaged in what manufacturing is, types of tools, skill needs, jobs available, and possible income levels

    One Period Block
    60 Minutes