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Manufacturing & Product Development

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Basic Lathe Operations

Part of Course: Machine Tool Technology Model

Unit Overview / Details

This unit will provide opportunities for students to acquire introductory skills on the lathe machine. Course topics include safety, blueprint reading, job planning and management, quality control, and machinery maintenance. Performance standards for this unit may be based on National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) national standards for the topics of the lathe. Co-curricular activities of Skills USA may be incorporated in the unit.

Instructional Hours

1 - 3 Weeks


  • demonstrate general safety rules for the machining laboratory
  • demonstrate the specific safety rules applicable to the machine lathe
  • develop a process plan and sequence of operations for a part requiring facing and turning
  • complete a materials list and identify required tools, fixtures, and cutting fluids for a machining operation


Lessons in this Unit

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Rubrics, Projects, Demonstrations, Observations,