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Health Science and Medical Technology

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Anatomy and Physiology

Part of Course: Medical, Hospital and Health Careers Model

Unit Overview / Details

This unit provides a basic overview of anatomy and physiological processes.  It also covers common disorders, disease, and possible therapeutic interventions. Students will have a generalized sense of all of the body systems and their functions.

Instructional Hours

20 Hours
Community Classroom
20 Hours

Content / Concepts

  • General anatomical terminology
  • Major body systems
  • Integumentary
  • Respiratory
  • Cardiac
  • Musculo
  • Nervous
  • Reproductive
  • Urinary
  • Skeletal
  • Basic physiological functions
  • Endocrine
  • Lymphatic


  • California's 2008 CTE Standards: 24
  • California Academic Content Standards: Reinforced: 9
  • English Language Development Standards: 7
  • All Standards
  • Full Details

Lessons in this Unit

  • The student will describe biological and chemcial processes that maintain homeostatis, identify changes in structure and function due to trama and disease, and identify normal and abnormal anatomy and physiology.

  • Students will analyze the forces and the effects of movement, torque, tension, and elasticity of the human body.

  • Students will describe the biological and chemcial processes that maintain homeostatis, identifiy the anatomy of the heart, anaylze the short and long term effects of cigarette smoke, and demonstrate a heart dissection.

  • Students will learn about the basics of human anatomy and physiology.  The students will explore cell structure, tissue types, and the systems of the body.

    90 Minutes
  • The purpose of this lesson is to provide a more interactive way for students to learn and retain the flow of blood through the heart. This lesson should be used once the cardiovascular system has been introduced.

  • This report of the cardiovascular system will serve two purposes.  First it will allow students the opportunity to learn the facts about cigarette smoking and the effects it has on the cardiovascular system.  Second, this activity can be started in the computer lab and be assigned as homework with communication via class website and or Discussion Board. Since many of college courses are introducing Distance Education by offering on-line courses, this will introduce students to a learning format that they may see in college.

    55 Minutes
    Research and Report
    2 Weeks
  • The purpose of this lesson is to encourge group participation to complete a project.  The class will be divided into  groups of 4-5 students.  Each group will be assigned an Endocrine Gland to present.  Each student within the group must research their gland and select a disorder/condition.  The group will present the general information about their gland, then each student will present their condition.

    Introduction & preparation
    55 Minutes
    Group & individual work
    5 Days