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Chain of Infection

Part of Lesson Plan: Intro to infection control

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Teacher will define: aerobic, anaerobic, endogenous, exogenous, nosocomial, opportunistic. Great care needs to be taken on discussing the prevention of nosocomial infections. 

The teacher will reveiw the "chain of infection".  The teacher may use a projector or draw the chain on the board.  Discussion should center around how students and healthcare providers can "break the chain." Discuss various ways to break the chain and different links of the chain. Focus on lifestyle choices and how not to be a suseptable host (nutrition, sleep, exercise, manage stress, decrease exposure, immunization, hygienic measures, and body defenses). Discuss the implications of healthcare workers spreading infection amongst patients and in their own health. Discuss the increased risk of infection in the presence of illness or surgery.

Use examples of different illnesses: food poisening, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (AIDS), respiratory (H1N1), and have students apply the chain of infection to each example.

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