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Professional Appearance

Part of Unit: Professional Qualities of a Health Care Worker

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

First impressions are important and are based mainly on appearance. Professional standards apply to workers to create a positive impression

Lesson Time

Objectives and Goals

  • explain how diet, rest, exercise, good posture, avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and drugs contribute to good health
  • demonstrate the standards of professional appearance as they apply to uniforms, clothing, shoes, nails, hair, jewelry, and makeup

Activities in this Lesson

  • Cut out pictures from magazines and uniform catalogs of 5 individuals and label them 1-5.  Cut out pictures from magazines and uniform catalogs of 5 individuals and label them A-E.  Put them up on the board in 2 rows or sections.  Share with the class,  "Class I have some bad news....we just found out that (name) has a brain tumor, surgery will happen tomorrow, our task is to select the brain surgeon for (name).  

    What you see on the board is the 5 surgeons we have to chose from, and we will vote based solely on their picture.  Allow students to  walk up to the board and vote for their pick by placing a tally under the picture.

    Following the voting, hold a discussion of who got most votes and why, who got least votes and why. Ask students to share their reasons  of why they voted the way they did.

    Now tell students, "The good news...the surgery was a success, now (name) needs to have 6 weeks of intensive IV chemotherapy.  Tell students that now they will select the oncology nurse who will deliver the chemotherapy treatment from this group of nurses.  Students will again asked to vote. 

    Hold discussion again on their decisions.  What influenced students to vote the way they did,  Were student's voting  based upon "appearance only". 

    Then ask students "Does appearance matter? Do you want to be judged by your appearance? Do you judge others based on appearance? Is it fair? Like it or not, it is reality, and we need to be aware of this. Do you think that as a healthcare provider, people will base their decisions upon how you are dressed?"

  • Share with students, "Health care workers promote health and wellness.  They should embody good health."  Tell students that there are 5 factors that contribute to good heath: diet, rest, exercise, good posture, and avoid use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs

  • Self-inventory Assessment

    Have the students conduct a self inventory in the 5 areas mentioned.  Have students identify areas where improvement is needed.   This is for their own information, do not need to share or turn in.

  • Tell students that there are 9 areas of professional appearance: uniform, clothing, name badge, shoes, personal hygiene, nails, hair, jewelry, makeup.

    Show students the dress code/professional appearance policy from the local hospital. Discuss with students why they believe having a professional appearance is important.

  • Students will use the professionalism survey.

    Resources and Materials


Assessment Types:

Quiz will be given at the end of the unit (includes information on personal characteristics not in this lesson).

Instructor will make observations of students' appearance while in community classroom/clinical setting, will give feedback and constructive criticism as needed.

  • professioalism quiz professionalism quiz [ Download ]
  • professionalism quiz answer sheet professionalism quiz answer sheet [ Download ]