Activity Industry Sector
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Jessica Weisbart

Popcorn, Peanuts & M&M's

Part of Lesson Plan: Introduction to Soils

Activity Overview / Details

Prepare a head of time (3) packets, baggies, cups or envelopes of popcorn (1 cup), peanuts (1/4 cup) and m&m's (1/4 cup) - (1) of each kind for each student or a group of students. Also give each student or group of students a clear plastic cup (16 oz).Have students keep the items separate.Have students pour the popcorn into the clear cup, add in the peanuts, put their hand over the top of the cup and shake it up for five seconds.On a sheet of paper have students record their findings. What do they see? Why do they think it is happening? Give them only thirty seconds to write their thoughts.Next add in the m&m's, cover and shake for five more seconds.Once again give students thirty seconds to record their findings and opinions about what is happening.Students should be able to identify that the materials mix based on size and texture.See attached notes page (Approximately 5 minutes) When students are done with this exercise they can eat their materials.

Materials / Resource

  • Popcorn Notes Page Popcorn Notes Page [ Download ] Notes page for students to record their observations from the anticipatory set. This page also includes lead in questions to the lecture.