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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Alyssa Schager


Part of Lesson Plan: Steps of Scientific Method

Activity Overview / Details

(10-15 minutes) The teacher can use "anchoring" to introduce the steps of scientific method. Anchoring requires that the teacher use the classroom as a clock and physically move to each clock hand to represent different steps of the scientific method. For this particular lesson, the teacher will visit 1 through 6 o'clock. At each clock hand, the teacher will tell the story and do hand motions to supplement the story. When reviewing the steps with students, ask them to also use the hand motions. How to structure anchoring: 1. Require audience to participate with you in review of the steps. 2. After each step, go back to the previous steps to review. 3. Have audience partner and review together. 4. Require students draw a picture of each step (this step could be done before pair share).

Materials / Resource