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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Amanda Samons

Genotypes and Phenotypes

Part of Lesson Plan: Genotypes and Phenotypes

Activity Overview / Details

As students enter the classroom they will have a blank piece of paper and a set of colored pencils at their table. On the board students will see the drawing of my family. The drawing will show hair color and eye color of all members of the immediate family. Give students the following directions:

"Good Morning - please do not touch the items on your table. On the board you will see my family. Locate the white piece of paper and colored pencils on your table. On this paper draw a picture of each member of your family. Be sure to include their hair and eye color."

Allow 3 minutes for students to draw their pictures.

Ask students who in their family they resemble the most and why.

After the discussion explain to students that genotypes are the traits we carry and phenotypes are the traits we can see (physical traits). To help students remember that phenotype is a physical trait I tell them that PH=PH (phenotype=physical trait)