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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Austin Large

Plant Part/Function CD Cover - Independent Practice (20 minutes)

Part of Lesson Plan: Plant Anatomy

Activity Overview / Details

After the groups have shared their songs that they created during their "jam session", it is time for their band to break up and for them to go "solo" to create their very first album cover. Explain to them that they have just been signed by the hottest label in the industry "Anatomy Records" and it is their time to shine by creating their first album cover.

Deliver the follow directions to the students:

1) You will have 4 minutes to create an album cover

2) The cover must include the following items: Name of a plant part, An icon integrated into the illustration of your plant part which represents that part's appearance or function, and an additional word which highlights the function of that part

3) The materials needed to complete their covers are located under their tables

Once you have delivered their directions, walk them through the process of how to create an album cover.