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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Jessica Weisbart

Plant Reproduction Perfect vs. Imperfect

Part of Lesson Plan: Perfect vs. Imperfect Flowers

Activity Overview / Details

Imperfect and Perfect flower parts. Power point includes pictures and definitions/descriptions of the parts and their functions. It also discusses very briefly the difference between asexual and sexual reproduction. This is a very basic lesson describing these items, only prior knowledge would be basic flower parts. This lesson could lead you into a more detailed lesson on plant reproduction. You should have students take notes, it is also beneficial to stop and have them draw the flowers in the slide show on their own papers and label the parts. Presentation time - approximately 15 minutes, including students drawing the parts.

Materials / Resource

  • Intro to Plant Reproduction Intro to Plant Reproduction [ Download ] power point discussing the differences and parts of imperfect vs. perfect & reproduction.