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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Krista Vannest

Brainstorming things that breathe

Part of Lesson Plan: Breathe Easy...Plant Respiration

Activity Overview / Details

Ask students to brainstorm other words that also mean to breath. Allow 30 sec to a minutes and share response. When you hear "Respiration" key in on that word. Now ask the students to brainstorm what things breath. (Be careful to say "things" not animals because we are leading to plants.) Have students share their lists and capture these on the board. Be prepared that most answers will be animals...ask the students if plants fit onto this list. Explore responses with follow up questions such as, why do you think they do/don't belong? Follow that by telling the students we are going to explore this idea that plants are living things that respire. Plan to spend about 8-10 minutes on this.