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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Jennifer Wilke

Review - Go Get It

Part of Lesson Plan: Benefits & Public Concerns/Objections About Technology

Activity Overview / Details

Prep:Print the Go Get It Factors of Production Document - 1 per group of 4 students.Options: #1 - print on regular paper and highlight each set a different color.Example: All terms on one page yellow, next page green, etc...#2 -print each group's page on a different color of paper.Cut out the terms, definitions and examples so that they are separate from each other.Mix ALL colors together.Tape these around the entire room so that they are distributed fairly evenly.

Prior Knowledge/Lessons:Technology & Factors of Production Lesson where students create a new technology item, CA & US Ag, Commodities, Niche Markets, family farms versus corporate farms, renewable and non-renewable resources, minimum wage, careers & employment opportunities

Directions:In the next minute, get into a group of 4, sit together at a table, and select a leader.The leader will stand when your group is finished.What questions are there?Go.Group leaders, as I point to you, you will be assigned a color.Once assigned a color, please sit down.Today we will use the Go Get It! Moment.Your team will have 4 minutes to complete this activity.When you hear "Start" go retrieve the papers posted around the room for your assigned colored.These papers have terms, definitions or examples.Your team is responsible to match the terms with the definition and examples.Rules: Remember - safety first.No climbing over tables, chairs, desks or students.No pushing or shoving.No stealing of another group's colored paper. What questions are there before we begin? Start.After 4 minutes, use group choral response for each of the terms, definitions, and examples to verify the correctness of their matches.

Materials / Resource

  • Go Get It Review Factors of Production.doc Go Get It Review Factors of Production.doc [ Download ] Material for Go Get It Review Activity