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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Judy Aschwanden

Introduction to Veterinary Medical Terminology-Abbreviations

Part of Unit: Animal Physiology

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

Students will learn about common veterinary medicine abbreviations and uses. They will analyze prescriptions and medical records and determine what is being conveyed.

Lesson Time

1 Class Period
54 Minutes


Objectives and Goals

Students will determine the meaning and notation of common abbreviations used in the veterinary science field.

Activities in this Lesson

  • When you determine the number of students in your class, create cards with the terms attached.  Create pairs, example one card that says "stat" and another that says "immediately." As students enter the room, hand them a card.  Once class has started, have students get up and find their pair/match.

    Once the all have found their pair, have them line up and share with the rest of the class, their abbreviation and term.

    Resources and Materials

    • Abbreviations Cards Intro [ Download ] null
  • Attached is a powerpoint slideshow and student notes. As the slide show is presented presented, students are to follow along and record the information.  Once students are done, they will have a practice paragraph to translate.

    Resources and Materials

    • Abbreviations Powerpoint [ Download ] Powerpoint for students to follow along with.
    • Student Notes Sheet for Powerpoint [ Download ] Notes for the Powerpoint
  • Translating Assessment

    Pass out this worksheet and in pairs have students translate the paragraph. Once they have all finished, review with the attached sheet.

    Resources and Materials


Assessment Types:
Demonstrations, Teacher-Made Test,

Attached is a quiz that students can take at the end of the period or the next day.  There is also a final unit exam that tests students on prefixes, suffixes, rootwords, abbreviations, etc.