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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Krista Vannest

Wrap Up

Part of Lesson Plan: Breathe Easy...Plant Respiration

Activity Overview / Details

Have students return to seats after the game. Remind them to put their names on the 1/4 sheet response of their own words so you can collect them. I tell the students...Today we have learned about respiration (I take a dramatic deep breath and let it out), every one of you completes this process every day just like every plant. Respiration is simply Converting Oxygen...(breathe in loudly...then out loudly again) to Carbon Dioxide. For some of you converting oxygen to carbon dioxide is all you might accomplish in a day...others may get a little more done than that. Today when you go home and your parent asks, 'what did you do today?'...you can take a deep breath and say...I converted oxygen to carbon dioxide...again.