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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Anna Bates

Pin the Term on the Animal

Part of Lesson Plan: External Anatomy of Animals

Activity Overview / Details

There can be two versions of this:

First, if you have access to a school farm, you can use live animals for this OR you can have the groups draw large diagrams of their selected animal on a piece of butcher paper. You need to put students into groups of 4 to 5 or adjust based on your class size. They need to make simple paper flashcards with all the parts of a selected species. You need to give them blue or white painter's tape (easy to remove) and they need to make several (enough for all the parts) small pieces.

The best option for this is to put the parts tags on a live animal. They can take turns selecting a part and placing it on the animal. Or, they can take turns trying to do as many as they can as an individual and they can see who does the best in their group. This could also be a group contest that gets timed - the fastest group to put all the parts on the animal wins. However, you do need to stress animal safety and to make sure the animals being used are very tame and restrained in a safe manner.