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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Jessica Weisbart

What's Buggin you?

Part of Lesson Plan: Integrated Pest Management

Activity Overview / Details

Gather pictures of: insects, weeds and animals. Print them and place them around the room. Make sure to number them. When the students come into the room be playing the "What's buggin you" song listed below. Group students in groups of 4-6. Give each group a marker and assign them to a piece of butcher paper or construction paper that you have also previously posted around the room. Butcher paper should be labeled with Team 1, Team 2, etc. As a group have them identify what the item is, if it is good or bad for the environment and where they think it lives or where they think they could find it. You want them to give as much information about as many pictures that you have throughout the room as possible. Have a prize ready for the team with the most answers correct. (4 minutes) After the students are done, award the team prize and then ask a volunteer from each team to share one of the creatures they have identified and its information. Make sure to have each group share info about a different picture so that students are not bored.(2 minutes) After you have finished this activity direct students to go back to their seats and get out paper and writing utensil, also remember to collect the markers you gave them. Once students are settled (approximately 30 seconds) make sure that if there were any objects that students did not get you discuss what they are and the pertinent information as it relates to integrated pest management methods or agriculture.

Materials / Resource

  • Song - I'll bug you. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Song - I'll bug you. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! [ Go to Site ] itunes song to be used at the beginning of class as students are walking in.
  • Pictures of Insects Pictures of Insects [ Go to Site ] To be used for hook activity
  • Pictures of Weeds Pictures of Weeds [ Go to Site ] To be used for hook activity
  • Poisonous plants Poisonous plants [ Go to Site ] to be used for hook activity