Activity Industry Sector
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Austin Large

Plant Requirement Eye-Witness Review (5 minutes)

Part of Lesson Plan: Plant Growth Requirements

Activity Overview / Details

After students completed their review of the requirements with their partner, refocus their attention, and explain the following scenario to them:

"You and your partner will take on the roles of a reporter and an expert on the topic of plant growth requirements"

After setting that context, deliver the following directions:

1) When I say "go" one of you will take on the role of the reporter, and the other will take on the role of the expert

2) Reporters, with that pen microphone in hand you are going to have a minute and a half to ask the expert questions from your note sheet.

3) At the end of those 90 seconds, you will switch roles, and the expert will now become the reporter and vice-versa. Another 90 seconds will be given to the new reporter.

4) When you have finished, set down your trusty pen-microphone and focus your attention back up front.

Allow students to ask questions of clarification, and then being the activity. While the students are interviewing, monitor time and be sure to tell them when to switch. Also, during their interview time pass out to them an index card that they will use as a slip out the door.