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Activity Originally Created By: Jessica Weisbart

Do you have cooties?

Part of Lesson Plan: Basic Animal Health

Activity Overview / Details

Prior set-up: Make two signs one that says cootie monsters, and one that says healthy as a whistle. Hang up both signs, one on each side of the room. Fill approximately thirty small balloons with two symptoms or characteristics of healthy and unhealthy animals (Preferably one of each, in each balloon). Tell the students that with the help of a partner they are to pop the balloon. They are not allowed to use any sharp objects, only their bodies and each other to pop the balloons, when the balloon pops each student should get a strip of paper out of the balloon, one will be a healthy characteristic and one will be an unhealthy characteristic. Whichever one they get they need to run to the side of the room that has the sign you previously posted that they believe their characteristic or symptom fits under. For example: if a student gets runny nose on their slip they should run to the sign that says cootie monsters. If they get a strip that says bright eyes or alert, they would run to the sign that says healthy as a whistle. Instruct students to stay by or near their sign until all balloons are popped and all students are sorted into those two categories. (3-5 minutes) After students are all sorted ask for students to volunteer their symptom or characteristic - to say it out loud until all symptoms or characteristics from both sides have been heard. As students are speaking you should be making a healthy/unhealthy list on the board so students can see them and refer to them as the lesson goes on.

Materials / Resource

  • Animal Health Symptoms / Characteristics Animal Health Symptoms / Characteristics [ Download ] This is a list of symptoms or characteristics of healthy and unhealthy animals. You could simply print a couple copies of the list. Cut the items into strips and and put them into the balloons. Blow up the balloons and continue with activity listed above as the hook/set,