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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Amanda Samons

Go Get It E-moment

Part of Lesson Plan: Domestic Animals and Society

Activity Overview / Details

(20 minutes)The students are going to use the Go Get it E-moment to find the information required to complete an information sheet regarding animal domestication. See the attached Go Get It e-moment. Allow less time then actually needed to complete this activity. Some students may not find all of the information.

Materials / Resource

  • Domestication Worksheet - Student Domestication Worksheet - Student [ Download ] This document is where students will record the information they "discover" in this activity.
  • Domestication Information Domestication Information [ Download ] This is the information the teacher will place around the room for the students to "discover" in order to complete their domestication worksheet.
  • Go Get It Emoment Go Get It E-moment [ Download ] Go Get It Instructions