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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Amanda Samons

Me-You-Us E-moment

Part of Lesson Plan: Domestic Animals and Society

Activity Overview / Details

(10 minutes) Students will work in groups (no more than four per group) to share the information they found during the previous activity. The teacher should be circulating through the groups, listening to conversations, and asking higher order thinking questions. Post the following questions on the board:

1. What is the difference between domestic and wild animals?

2. List two examples of a symbiotic relationship.

3. Why are domesticated animals important?

These questions will provide an opportunity for those students who finish their group discussions early to maintain focus and engagement with the lesson. Once all students have had an opportunity to answer the questions on the board ask several students to share their responses. Once many have shared, then give correct answers as the teacher sees fit. Teachers may need to spend more time explaining the term symbiosis.

Materials / Resource

  • Me-You-Us E-moment Me-You-Us E-moment [ Download ] Me You Us moment instructions