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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Krista Vannest

Ruminant Digestive System

Part of Unit: Fundamental Animal Nutrition and Feeding

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

This lesson covers the parts and functions of the ruminant digestive system. It also covers how this unique digestive system provides for the safety of the animal and contributes to humans.

Lesson Time

1 Class period
54 Minutes

Objectives and Goals

Students will know the parts of the ruminant digestive system and be able to explain their function.

Activities in this Lesson

  • Karaoke fun Hooks / Set

    Begin the class with this silly song about the parts of the ruminant digestive system. Make sure the volume is up so the class can here the lyrics.

    Resources and Materials

  • Tell the class that although they may not have understood every part of that song, after today they would know what it meant, because today we are exploring the ruminant digestive system. Have them open their journals to take the brief notes on the parts and functions of the system. I print the slide with the large picture of the cow for each student to have in front of them to refer to while we take the notes. This should take 15-20 minutes, the slide show is brief.

    Resources and Materials

    • Digestive System Notes [ Download ] Print and copy the slide with the picture of the cow for each student to refer to.
  • After the notes are completed show this video clip to bring the words from the notes alive for students to better understand. This should take under 5 minutes depending on the technology.

    Resources and Materials

  • Have the class help you list on the board key points from the notes you just completed. Make sure the class agrees with the items on the list before moving on. Remind students about the video you started the class with, show it again if you like. Tell them this is now their turn to be the song writers. They may choose any song they like and change the lyrics to include the information we just learned about the ruminant digestive system. I prefer to have the students complete the assignment within the class period because they may get off task if there is no sense of urgency that the assignment is due right away. This can be challenging for some students so be sure to offer help and suggestions to students. Some examples that help students who feel stuck are children songs like; "Mary had a Little Lamb", "Wheels on the Bus", "Hokey Pokey", "Row Row Row Your Boat", etc. Singing in front of the class can be intimidating so I prefer to tell the students we will be sharing in small groups, not in front of the class. Remind the class as the end of the class is approaching so they have time to wrap up their songs.

  • Have students share their songs with a partner or small group. Look for a song you hear, while moving around the room listening to the students share, that would be fun to share with the class before leaving. Share the song, or one of your own creations, and collect the lyrics as the students leave. You may also replay the video as they leave.


Assessment Types:
Projects, Demonstrations,
Students will demonstrate their understanding of the parts and functions of the system when they develop their songs and lyrics.  This activity will also help the students remember the parts and retain that information in a fun way.