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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Austin Large

Selecting career qualities and a career (15 minutes)

Part of Lesson Plan: Careers in Agriculture - Austin Large

Activity Overview / Details

After you challenge students to think about the qualities they want out of their career, inform them that they are now going to have the opportunity to select the qualities that we want out of our careers, and identify careers in each career sector that possess those qualities. Deliver the following directions to the students:

1) On the top of the career chart locate the qualities (i.e. Indoors/Outdoors)

2) Take 60 seconds to identify one quality in each column and circle it (i.e. If I desire to work outdoors, then I would circle outdoors and not indoors).

Ask students how you can clarify, and then allow them the time to select their qualities. Once finished and all eyes are focused back on you, continue with these directions:

1) Now that we have identified the qualities that we want out of our careers it is time to identify those qualities in careers in the seven career sectors.

2) On the left side of the sheet, there are seven large boxes. Within each box is the name of a career sector, and several careers have been identified in each of the career sectors.

3) Using the qualities just identified, you will move down each column and circle the quality that you selected at the top of that column (i.e. I am going to circle all of the "outdoors" if "outdoors" is the quality that I selected at the top)

4) You will do this for all four columns and you will have 3 minutes to complete this task

Allow students to ask questions for clarification, and then set them to work. At the end of the three minutes, refocus their attention and deliver the following set of directions:

1) Now that we have identified the qualities that we want in all of these prospective careers, it is now time to see which of the Ag careers meet the qualities that we would like.

2) In the far right column, we are going to put our our math skills to work and tally up the number of qualities that each career meets.

3) Add your circled qualities across the row, and place the total in the far right column

4) You will have 3 minutes to complete this task.

Let students ask you questions of clarification, and let them get to work.

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