Activity Industry Sector
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Austin Large

Acrostic Review (5 minutes)

Part of Lesson Plan: Careers in Agriculture - Austin Large

Activity Overview / Details

Now that you have covered why careers are valuable, identified desirable qualities in careers, and careers that meet those qualities, it is time to review those concepts. Each student will need a sheet of paper for this activity, and markers or crayons can be distributed by table or pair. Once students have the materials, provide them with the following instructions:

1) It is now time to take everything that we have covered, and turn it into an acrostic poem!

2) Using your writing utensil, write your name down the center of the page vertically.

3) Using the letters of your name, you are going to incorporate the concepts, qualities, careers, and activities that we have covered today

4) You will have 5 minutes to complete your acrostic poem.

Allow students to ask questions for clarification, and let them proceed to work on their poems. When students have finished, have them turn to a partner and share their acrostic poems.