Activity Industry Sector
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Jennifer Wilke

Eyewitness Moment

Part of Lesson Plan: Natural Resources & Agriculture

Activity Overview / Details

After the lecture portion of the lesson, students will take the information learned and apply it to their knowledge of concerns surrounding these resources in agriculture and what is being done to help conserve them. They have 3 minutes to formulate the questions. After writing the questions, the power point provides the directions that layout the format of the activity. During this activity, the paired students will be conducting the interview and you will walk through the room to casually listen to the questions from your news reporters and the responses from you "Ag & Natural Resources" experts. The two students will switch roles after 3 minutes of interview time for each round. (3 minutes includes the question and answer periods for the three questions. As students are learning this, you can allow them to use their notes. After learning this assessment activity, students should not use their notes. Rather the reporter should ask questions that help the expert find the answer.)