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Health Science and Medical Technology

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Marlene McDowell

Appointment Scheduling in the Medical Office

Part of Unit: Uses of Health Information

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

This lesson was developed as a basic first assignment for scheduling appointments.  It is one of the front office tasks that a Medical Assistant would be responsible for to ensure that there is a constant flow of patients. At the end of this lesson, students will understand the importance of recording accurate information.

Appointment Scheduling

Internet Assignment--How To Schedule An Appointment
20 Minutes
Review the Internet Assignment
15 Minutes
Defining the four types of appointment scheduling
20 Minutes

Objectives and Goals

  • Identify and describe the different types of appointment scheduling systems.
  • Discuss ways to schedule appointments for patients.
  • Explain how to handle special scheduling situations.
  • Schedule patient appointments.

Activities in this Lesson

  • As students enter the classroom, they are given a worksheet and a website where they can listen to a telephone call to a doctor's office and hear how the medical assitant handles the call.  They are also expected to complete multiple choice questions and unscamble sentences related to the telephone call.  While students are accessing the website,  pass out  the headphones.

    Resources and Materials

    • MAKING APPOINTMENTS.doc [ Download ] Scheduling a Doctor's Appointment for a patient.
    • Making Appointments [ Go to Site ] Internet Link to Making Appointments
  •  Begin the lecture by reviewing the assignment that the students completed. Ask them if they believe that the Medical Assistant was practicing active listening. Students are told that active listening requires a listener to understand, interpret, and evaluate what he or she heard. Review the exercises on the worksheet related to the telephone conversation.

    Resources and Materials

    • Principles of Active Listening [ Download ] Understanding the Principles of Active Listening.
  • Appointment Scheduling Demo / Modeling

    Using an overhead and transparency  describe and write examples of the five types of appointment scheduling systems. Write appointments on the scheduling form that represents the types of appointment scheduling for the students to see. 

    Resources and Materials

    • Appointment Scheduling Form [ Download ] Appointment Scheduling Form
    • Scheduling Appointment Directions [ Download ] Directions for scheduling appointments
    • Different Appointment Scheduling Systems [ Download ] Examples of the five different appointment scheduling systems.
  • Students are given the scheduling appointment sheet and three appointment scheduling forms.  Provide highlighters and pencils for the students to create matrixes on the scheduling forms.  Provide dates for the three days that they are to schedule appointments.  Ask for student participation as the first three appointments are entered on the scheduling form. Walk around the room to see how the students are doing with the assignment.

    Resources and Materials

    • Scheduling Appointments Assignment 1 [ Download ] Appointment Assignment Sheet
    • Appointment Scheduling Form [ Download ] Appointment Scheduling Form
  • Have students pair up to check each other's appointment scheduling forms.  Review the steps for incorporating the four types of scheduling systems.  All appointments should be on the three forms provided to the students. 


Assessment Types:
Writing Samples, Demonstrations, Observations,

Observe how the students are applying the four types of appointment scheduling systems to the appointment forms.  Make notice of students who state that they do not have enough room to schedule all of the appointments over a three day period and point out how they can make corrections to their their forms.  I also encourage students to pair up.