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Health Science and Medical Technology

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Lisa Quintana

Integumentary System

Part of Unit: Anatomy and Physiology

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

The student will describe biological and chemcial processes that maintain homeostatis, identify changes in structure and function due to trama and disease, and identify normal and abnormal anatomy and physiology.

Lesson Time

Objectives and Goals

  • Understand the various layers of skin
  • Knowledge of the functions of skin

Activities in this Lesson

  • Sense of Touch Hooks / Set

    Once students are seated, walk around the classroom and ask students to reach into several different brown bags that are numbered. Have each student reach in to touch and feel whats inside each bag. Ask students to record the number that is on the outside of each brown bag and write down what they think might be inside. Once all students have had a chance to feel the contents in each bag begin to expose what inside and have them compare their answers. Explain to students that it is the sensory receptors located all over the skin that allows them to feel. The 3 main receptors will help you to determine pressure, temperature and pain.

  • Students will be asked to follow the "Living Fabric Lecture Template" to record information presented in the lecture and powerpoint. This template will cover the following topics: tissue functions, cell shape/arrangement, epithelial tissue, other tissue types, skin facts, skin layers, and skin color.

    Resources and Materials

  • The Layers Demo / Modeling

    Students will complete the Integumentary System Worksheet. Students will be asked to identify and label the cross-sectional diagram of the skin.

    Resources and Materials

    • Integumentary System Assignment Sheet.pdf [ Download ]
  • 3-Dimensional Group Work

    Students will be asked to find a partner to work with. Together, students  will pick up all materials and tools and return to their seat. Students will begin by identifying how they can create a 3-dimensional layer of skin by accessing their materials. Students are asked to use their notes from lecture and labeling worksheet to begin to construct and design their 3-dimensional layer of skin. Monitoring and accessing the construction will encourage students and provide them feedback.

  • Study Guide Lab / Shop

    Students will be given the Integumentary System study guide template to complete. Students will be asked to use the new knowledge learned in lecture, labeling, and group work to complete the study guide. Each study guide will be assessed to ensure each student understands the material.

  • Jeopardy Closure

    Students will participate in the Integumentary System jeopardy game. This will aid in identifying any gaps in the lecture materials and to check for understanding.

    Resources and Materials

  • Evaluation of the the 3-Dimensional skin layer will assess the skills and knowledge learned. Feedback will be provided and a point value will be placed.