Lesson Plan Industry Sector
Health Science and Medical Technology

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Sheila Saenz

Medical Terminology "Bingo"

Part of Unit: Reading, Interpreting, and Extracting Information

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

A game to play with your students introducing combining forms, pronuncing the word parts and learning their meanings.

Lesson Time

one class period
45 Minutes


California Academic Content Standards (Reinforced)

Objectives and Goals

  • Students will be able to identify and pronounce combining forms used in medical terminology.
  • Students have the opportunity to see and write combining forms correctly.

Activities in this Lesson

  • Bingo Hooks / Set

    As the students enter the room, handout packets containing a list of combining forms and their meanings and a bingo card (see downloads).

    Tell students that they are going to play terminology bingo.

    It is important to know medical terminology it is the language of the medical field, as a medical professional you have to be able to identify what a combining form is in a medical term. 

    Students will have the opportunity to participate in an activity that introduces them to word forms which will allow them to converse with others in the medical field.

    Students will see how the combining forms represent body parts and main ideas that will help them relate to their own family medical experiences.

     Write several medical terms on the board.  Explain that the combining form in the medical term usually means either a body part or main idea.


    cardi/o = a combining form denoting heart.

    Tell the students to fill in all the blanks in their bingo card with the medical combining forms located on the left of the packet, only the combining form, not the meaning.

    Remind them to fill in the whole card.

    Resources and Materials

    • bingo card.doc [ Download ] Student handout
    • Body System Bingo.doc [ Download ] Student handout
  • While students are filling in their cards, prepare the board  by making sure there is enough room to write all the word parts that are being called out.  Cut up one of the packets with the combining forms of the body systems and place all  the word parts into a basket.

    Ask students to raise their hands to see who has not completed the task yet and give students another 5 minutes.  While they are finishing up walk around the room to answer any questions and make sure everyone is on task.       

  • Begin by picking a word part out of the basket. 

    1) Call out the word, this shows the students how to pronounce the word. 

    2) Then write the word on the board, this shows the spelling of the word.

    3) Then ask who knows the meaning of the word? 

    4) After listening to answers that are called out I will say the meaning out loud. 

    5) Continue to do this until one of the students calls out "bingo".

  • After there is a winner, go over the bingo card and the words on the board. 

    The teacher may give a prize to the winner.  Most of the time the students will want to continue playing until everyone's card is completed just to hear the words and to see if they can call out the answers.

    Given more time, it is always useful to continue along and replay as time allows for.


Assessment Types:
Writing Samples,


Students turn in packets along with filled out bingo cards.  Shows they looked up their combining forms and have written down the combining forms.