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Health Science and Medical Technology

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Extracting Data from a Patient's Insurance ID Card

Part of Unit: Reading, Interpreting, and Extracting Information

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

Identify and use information found on the front and back of an insurance card for use in completing a patient’s health record

Lesson Time

1 period
55 Minutes

Objectives and Goals

Activities in this Lesson

  • Warm up questions Hooks / Set

    Ask, “Why are Insurance cards so important in today’s medical practice?”

    Ask, “What information do you think is provided on the insurance card?”

    Show attached video about patient registration

    Resources and Materials

  • Explain the importance of the medical insurance card.  The insurance card provides the information an insurance biller needs to prepare a claim for reimbursement for services performed by the health care provider. 

    Explain the procedures if the patient does not have their insurance card.  If the patient arrives without an insurance card it is of the utmost importance to obtain this information.  One way to get this information is by contacting the patient's human resources department.  If that is not possible, you must have the patient fax the card when they get home.  The insurance claim cannot be completed without this information.

    Explain the process and importance of checking for patient insurance eligibility. It is important to check that the patient is actually covered by insurance.  To do this the front desk clerk should call the 1800 number on the back of the card.  A representative from the insurance company can check eligibility.  Some patients will try to use expired plans, or they may not be up-to-date on their premiums.  This is important to know, because the claim will not be processed if the patient is no longer covered by the policy.

    Explain the importance of group number, policy number, copay, and deductible.  Even though two patients may have the same insurance company, they may not have the same insurance plan.  The group number tells the insurance company what plan the patient is a member of

  • Sample Card Demo / Modeling

    Print enough copies of the insurance card below to pass out to students, and go over some questions about the card such as “What is the insured’s name?” and "What is the group number"?

    Resources and Materials

  • You try it Projects

    Now, pass out to the students one of the three insurance cards and questionaire, and let the students have enough time to fill in the answers.

    Resources and Materials

    • Three insurance cards and worksheets [ Download ]


Assessment Types:
Projects, Writing Samples,

Have students turn in their completed worksheets and correct.  Students should have 100% accuracy.  Use the answer sheets in the above download.