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Activity Originally Created By: Chris Sarenana

Understanding scale measurements using the Architect Scale

Part of Lesson Plan: Measurements on the Architect Scale

Activity Overview / Details

Students should have a general knowledge in the use of standard measurements (sixteenths of an inch). In this lesson the students will be given worksheets and an architect scale. A video will be shown to introduce the various scales located on the architect scale. The different scales that will be covered on the  video will include 3/8", 1 1/2", 1/8" and 3/4" scale. 

A scale is a measuring device, but also refers to the size of the object to be drawn. Because each face has different measuring graduations, the teacher will pause and create an answer question session to check for understanding. Materials will included a pencil and 3 worksheets with an architect scale. The teacher will decide the number of worksheets required for the day and follow-up the next day to review the material covered.

Students (Sht. 1 Architect's Scale) will measure the lines using the Architect's scale with the scale specified and will also include writing out the measurement with guidelines.

Students (Sht 2 Figures) will measure each figure using the proper face on the Architect scale.

Students (sht 3 Unit B-6) will measure lines A through F using the specified scale in each column.

Materials / Resource

  • Architect Scale Worksheet 1 Architect Scale Worksheet 1 [ Download ] Student Worksheet 1
  • Student Worksheet 2 Architect Scale Worksheet 2 [ Download ] Student Worksheet 2
  • Architect Scale Worksheet 3 Architect Scale Worksheet 3 [ Download ] Student Worksheet 3
  • Architect Scale Video Architect Scale [ Watch Video ] [ Download Original Video ] Video showing the various faces on the Architect Scale