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Health Science and Medical Technology

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Tina Jackson

Flow of Blood Through the Heart

Part of Unit: Anatomy and Physiology

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

The purpose of this lesson is to provide a more interactive way for students to learn and retain the flow of blood through the heart. This lesson should be used once the cardiovascular system has been introduced.

1 Class Period

Objectives and Goals

  • Students will list the chambers of the heart.
  • Students will list the valves located within the heart.
  • Students will be able to state and/or write out the flow of blood through the heart including blood vessels, chambers, and valves.

Activities in this Lesson

  • Activity #1 Hooks / Set

    Once students have settled in, begin a review of what has already been discussed. Questions such as:

    • What is the function of the heart?
    • What type of blood vessels return blood to the heart?
    • What type of blood vessels take blood from the heart and into circulation?
  • Activity #2 Lecture

    Today we will be learning how blood flows through the heart. We will list all of the blood vessels, valves and chambers through which it flows, in the correct sequence. We will do this in the form of a group activity.

    Before you start with the group show the animation to offer a visual of what they will be learning.

    Resources and Materials

  • Activity #3 Demo / Modeling

    Give the students a diagram of the flow of blood through the heart.

    Have colored pencils, crayons, markers available for students to use to color code their diagrams.

    Draw the flow of blood through the heart on the board (draw boxes in which each part will be written). Use different color dry erase markers for each component type (for example blue for chambers, green for blood vessels, red for valves, etc.)

    Have the students draw and color in the diagram you write on the board on a piece of notebook or white copy paper.

    Explain that they will be practicing this in groups. Remove all of the strips of paper placing them in order.

    Resources and Materials

  • Activity #4 Group Work

    Place students in groups of 3-5 students depending on class size.

    Once the students are in groups have each group select a recorder.

    Once the recorder is selected, have the recorders each come up and get an envelope for their group.

    Inside the envelope will be 3 different colors of paper with strips of the same color inside each piece of colored paper.

    Specify which color paper they are to begin with and what order to proceed in so that they are progressing from chambers only, including the lungs, chambers plus blood vessels, to chambers blood vessels, and valves all at one time. For example, pink paper, with pink strips inside, has chambers. Each group member will take turns putting the chambers in order. They will then open the yellow paper with yellow strips inside. Yellow has all of the blood vessels. So each group member will then put all of the chambers in order adding in where the blood vessels should go in the sequence. They will then open the green paper with green strips inside. Green equals heart valves. Each member will then place of the strips in order adding in blood vessels.

    Go through the steps of how they are to practice following the above instructions.

    The role of the recorder will be to keep the piece of paper and check that each group member places the strips in the correct order.

    Allow the groups to begin practicing putting the strips on the correct order. Walk around the room ensuring that all groups understand the process and all are involved. Allow 15-20 minutes of practice time.

    When 20 minutes have passed, give instructions for the recorders to place all of the strips inside the correct color paper and place all three papers inside the envelopes then return the envelopes to you.

    Resources and Materials

  • Activity #5 Closure

    Go back to the board. Erase all of the names drawn in each box. Call on a student to come up and write the names of the parts in each box. You can one students write in two parts at a time of the end of class time is near. Have the class say whether or not the sequence is correct.


Assessment Types:
Demonstrations, Observations, Diagram of Flow of Blood

You can afford students part of the next class session to practice again. Inform them as to when the written quiz on the cardiovascular system will be.