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Activity Originally Created By: Amanda Samons

Classification Notes

Part of Lesson Plan: "Family Connection" Animal Kingdom Taxonomy

Activity Overview / Details

Each student is given a "Taxonomy Worksheet".  Instruct students that they will use this worksheet to capture the information shared today.  Direct the students attention to the top of the worksheet and the word "Taxonomy".  Ask students to define quietly think about how they would define this term.  Allow students about 30 seconds of quiet to formulate their definition, then ask a few students how they would define the term.  Discuss the student input and come to a consensus on the correct definition.

Use slide 2 and 3 of the powerpoint to teach the concept of classification.  Be sure students are recording the information on their worksheet.

Once the students have captured the important information ask them to record 4 important points on their worksheet.  Direct students to the following points:

1.  Every organism has a binomial name

2.  First term is Genous (generic name), second term is species

3.  Linnaeus was the first to create a classification system.

Now move on to the specifics of the hierarchical system.  Write the following on the board.

"Kevin's poor cow only feels good sometimes"

Ask students the importance of this statement.  (You may want to take this opportunity to explain to students the importance of a mnemonic device)  This is how we remember the order of the hierarchical system that was created by Linnaeus.  The first letter of each word refers to a step in the classification letter.

Project Slide #4 on the board, showing the classification ladder.

Discuss the significance of the latter pointing out the following:

- The steps at the bottom of the ladder are bigger because there are more organisms within a Kingdom then at the top within a species.  Each step, as we move up the ladder is a step closer to determining the specific animal.   

Now on your worksheet, make sure you label the steps using their real names.  Consider recording the mnemonic device as well, to help you remember the order.  If time allows the teacher may consider giving students the opportunity to come up with their own mnemonic device to remember the order of classification.

Introduce the idea that all animals belong to one kingdom:Anamalia.  The animals we will be studying also all belong to one phylum : Chordata.

(Project Slide #5- Livestock Classification Chart, complete the chart by filling in the boxes as the slide is projected on a white board)

Materials / Resource

  • Taxonomy Notes Worksheet Taxonomy Notes Worksheet [ Download ] Use this as a guided outline to assist students in the note taking process.
  • Taxonomy Slide Show Taxonomy Slide Show [ Download ] Notes slide show to be used with direct instruction portion of lesson.
  • Livestock Classification Chart Livestock Classification Chart [ Download ] Classification Chart to help students determine classes of livestock. Consider printing this on the back side of the taxonomy worksheet to save paper.