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Activity Originally Created By: Austin Large

Emotion Gallery

Part of Lesson Plan: Animal Behavior

Activity Overview / Details

As students enter, encourage them to find their seats.

Good morning everyone! Have any of you ever seen those posters that hang up in sometimes classrooms or Dr.'s Offices, they say "How are you feeling today?" and they have a bun of little cartoon characters with different faces showing the emotions? Well today, some of those crazy characters have visited our classroom.  In a moment, we will be traveling around the room to identify how our friends that are posted on the wall are feeling today.  For this activity we will need a writing utensil, get that out now, and then focus your attention back this direction.  Great, when I say "go", you will have three minutes to move to the faces posted on the wall, and on the paper below them, write the emotion or behavior that best describes that face.  Once you have roatated to each, make your way back to your seat, and focus your attention back to me.  What questions are there? "GO"

Allow students to rotate to each face, and monitor the emotions and behaviors that are being identified.  If anything is inappropriate - take a heavy black marker and black it out.

Great! It looks like we have done a bang-up job of getting those emotions pegged down!  Here is what they really were. Show the students the acutal emotion/behavior of each of the faces. After you have gone through each face, ask the following series of questions.

What did we just do?

How did we know what emotions the faces were showing?

Why is it important to be able to identify how people are feeling?

EXACTLY! Our observations of people and their emotions and behaviors dictate how we approach and interact with them!  For example, if I see that _________ is really angry, I am most likely not going to poke fun like we normally do.  I have used my observation of his emotion, and analyzed his behavior to better interact with him.  Folks, this goes for animals too!  As people who are around animals, we need to be able to analyze their behaviors, to make the safest and most positive interactions with them. 

Today, we are going to learn how to accurately observe animals and their behaviors, and we are also going to take a look at common behaviors displayed by animals during certain situations.

Materials / Resource

  • Emotion Poster Half-Sheet Emotion Poster Half-Sheet [ Download ]