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Activity Originally Created By: Austin Large

Discovering Animal Behavior - Peer Teaching

Part of Lesson Plan: Animal Behavior

Activity Overview / Details

Whew! Nice work capturing down that information! You see, it's important that we are able to understad how to accurately observe animals, as opposed to just project human emotions to them!   It's time that we switch gears now, and really take a look at certain behaviors animals display during certain instances.  We as a group are going to take a look at nesting, mating, and post-partum behaviors of several livestock species! Here's how this is going to look! In a moment we will be broken into groups.  In our groups, we will have 5 minutes to create a poster that highlights the behaviors of animals during certain points in time.  At the end o your five minutes, your group will need to be prepared to share your findings, so that the rest of the group can capture the information down in our "Know Books". What questions do you have? Here are our groups...group 1, 2, 3, 4.  Here are your materials, let's get to work!

After you have broken the students into groups, give them an animal behavior handout...one behavior per group.  After they have completed their posters, shared their information, and been given and opportunity to capture information in their know books - move into the application of the lesson.

Materials / Resource