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Activity Originally Created By: Austin Large

Animal Behavior Acrostic - Review

Part of Lesson Plan: Animal Behavior

Activity Overview / Details

It is no wonder that our drama department here in campus is so good! You are a talented group of thesbians! We are going to stretch that creativity as far as it can go today, because our final activity is an acrostic.  On the back over of your know book, write the word "behavior" vertically down the center of the page.  Using this word as your backbone, you will fill in each letter of the word with behaviors and other terms that we covered during our lesson today.  No, the words do not all have to start with the those letters, they can be located anywhere within in the word.  We will have 5 minutes to creat our acrostic, and when we have finished, we need to be prepared to share.  What questions are there? Go!

Wonderful! Those are some beautiful acrostics! Turn to someone sitting next to you, and share with them what you put down!

After the students have completed sharing their acrostic with a partner, have them turn in their "Know Books" for credit.