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Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris

Why FFA Poster!

Part of Lesson Plan: FFA: The Benefits to Involvement (Lesson 1 of 4)

Activity Overview / Details

"So thanks for all your hard work today, I hope you have discovered some cool FFA opportunities! In a moment we will take a few minutes to apply what we discovered. Each of you will be given a sheet of paper and writing utensils. You will have ______ minutes (remainder of the period unless assigned as homework) to create a poster that advertises the benefits of FFA. Why should someone get involved/join? Be creative and include the information you learned today." It would be a good idea to cover your expectations for the poster, you may find the attached rubric useful. Display the posters, after evaluating them, around the room.

Materials / Resource

  • Optional Rubric for Posters Optional Rubric for Posters [ Download ] Use to guide students and evaluate posters.