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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Mike Morris

What is the FFA? (older/experienced members)

Part of Unit: FFA Issues and Topics

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

This lesson is for less traditional or older ag students. Still explores the FFA and its basic history, but is student guided learning. Requires teacher to provide resources or the use of a computer lab for research. (Lesson 3 of  4)

Lesson Time

Lesson time
57 Minutes

Objectives and Goals

Students will explore what the FFA is and create a poster summarizing what they learned.

Activities in this Lesson

  • As students enter, have prominent logos and emblems displayed on a writing surface or PowerPoint (example provided). You may also download commercial clips from the internet or play sound bytes, for example Subway's "Five dollar footlong." Ask students to quietly record the company that the logo and what that company is known for/represents, moving through each until you get to the FFA emblem. Ask students to share what each emblem was and what the company is known for; for example, Domino's may be known for delivery pizza, In-n-out for quality and service, etc. Lead discussion to what the FFA is known for. Is this perception the reality? "What are some of the things we hear about FFA, both positive an negative. Why do these exist? Let's investigate more about the FFA to determine if the perception out there is the reality." Lets begin by taking a look at a video clip from the National FFA, and see if this alters your perception at all.

    Resources and Materials

  • National FFA Video Demo / Modeling

    After the interest approach, show this video as an example of what FFA is.

    Resources and Materials

  • Have a discussion about if any perceptions were changed by the video. Explain to students that there is much more to the FFA than meets the eye, and today they will have the opportunity to explore what the FFA really is all about. Through computer research (use a computer lab or lap tops), students will research what the FFA is and create a poster "advertising" the FFA. Rubric for poster evaluation provided. Teacher will supply a web page (below) for information in addition to other materials (FFA Manual, Handbook). Students will also be provided with paper and markers/pencils as available for class. Teacher can modify poster to a PowerPoint or even a web page. In a shop class it could even involve construction.

    Resources and Materials

    • National FFA: What is FFA? [ Go to Site ] Great location for summary of what FFA is all about.
    • Optional Rubric for Posters [ Download ] Optional evaluation tool for posters.
  • Thank students for their hard work. Ask a few students to share end explain their posters. Ask them to specifically share a fact or two that was new to them, that they learned in their research. Explain that as a member of the FFA, it is important for them to be able to explain the organization to others. Ask them to think about what they would say, knowing what they learned today, if they were asked, "What is the FFA?"

  • Ask students to ask three people (a non-ag friend, an adult, and a family member) what they know about the FFA. Ask them to record what people knew, then they can take the opportunity to share what they know or answer questions. They should be ready to report out the following day.