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Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris


Part of Lesson Plan: FFA: Creating My Plan for Success "myPLAN"

Activity Overview / Details

Students will be guided through a 4 year FFA LEADERSHIP plan, which
will complement the SAE plan. A blank word template included as well as
a sample doc. Instructor should have a list of ALL ACTIVITIES the
chapter participates in, and be ready to describe them to the students. "To begin our planning, think back to the last few days and the activities an opportunities available to you in the FFA. What were some of the highlights?" Allow for student sharing. This time should be built into the lesson (instructor sharing about each activity), and may take 15-20 minutes depending on how much was covered in the previous lessons. Students should also have a calendar available to record dates related to the activities (could be the record book calendar for current year). Teacher can either go through all activities at once, or cover template using the categories listed--for example explain the degree section, then give students time to complete template, followed by explanation of the leadership development category and so on. Depending on instruction time, lesson plan may continue into following day. Give students a clear working time and check in with them as you circulate around the room.

Materials / Resource

  • myPLAN Blank (PDF) myPLAN Blank (PDF) [ Download ] Best graphics, but can't edit.
  • myPLAN Example (PDF) myPLAN Example (PDF) [ Download ] Best Graphics, but you can't edit.
  • Template in myPLAN Template in myPLAN (word) [ Download ] Unlocked for editing.
  • Example template Example template (word) [ Download ] Unlocked for editing.