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Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris

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Part of Lesson Plan: FFA: Creating My Plan for Success "myPLAN"

Activity Overview / Details

"Thank you for all of your work on your plan! I am very excited by all of the goals you have set forth! As you know, it always helps to have others help us on our plans, and people we trust to hold us accountable. In a moment, we are going to share our myPLANS. Please be considerate listeners and encourage each other. You will choose a partner that you know fairly well, who can hold you accountable to your plan. After sharing, please switch and repeat. Some of you may wish to take the ultimate step and share your myPLAN with the entire class, we encourage you to do so! The more people you tell and ask for support from, the more likely you will be successful in your plan." To reinforce the myPLANs, ask students to share their plan with a partner they trust and who will hole them accountable. This person should check in with them on their plan at random times during the school year for encouragement. Choose or solicit volunteers who are willing to share their plans with the class. (You may wish to have every student share to reinforce its importance). Make sure to create a safe environment for sharing. An applied activity would be to have the students take the plan home, share it with their parents, and get it signed by them. Instructor should make a copy to keep in the student's file and return one to the student in a frame (one of those plastic ones is fine) to post in a prominent location.

"You all have some pretty amazing plans! As we get ready to leave today, here are a couple things to think about: 1. These plans are considered 'living' documents. What does that mean?" Allow for sharing. "Great, please rememebr that our lives are constantly changing, and though we have a plan in mind, we can revise them when we need to!"

In addition, ask them to think about what their myPLAN might look like for non-FFA activities such as sports, school, job, etc. They could share these plans the next day as an optional activity.