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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris

What is an SAE?

Part of Lesson Plan: What is a Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) program?

Activity Overview / Details

Who has heard of "ag projects"? Lead a discussion about what students know regarding "Ag projects" -animals at the fair, raising a pig, having a job, growing plants, etc. Once you have their brains headed toward this "project" direction, share that the term "project" actually has a formal name- Supervised Agriculture Experience program. The next few days will allow the entire class to take what they know about "ag projects", define their characteristics, sort through what they are and what they are not and refine that knowledge into a Supervised Agriculture experience program that will set them up for success. (Distribute 1 copy of SAE note handout to each student and open SAEP power point slideshow). Instruct students that the information for their notes will come directly from the Check for questions or clarification after completing each slide. When you reach the "PAUSE HERE" slide, pause. Review the information with students using a review technique. For example, have them turn their papers over and quiz them aloud about the different pieces of information they just recorded. When that has been completed, instruct them to put away their note packets and prepare to use the information they just received.

Materials / Resource

  • SAE notes final draft SAE notes final draft [ Download ]
  • SAE power point presentation final SAE power point presentation final [ Download ]