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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris

Battle Royale!

Part of Lesson Plan: What is a Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) program?

Activity Overview / Details

Now, let's see how much of that info stuck in our brains! First, have students put away everything except a pencil. Students will use this activity to apply the information they recorded from the power point presentation. Split your class into equal teams (number of teams depends on the size of your class- ideally, have 5-7 kids per team) and get them pumped for a heated battle on SAE knowledge! Next, distribute 1 blank piece of lined paper to each team. All of the information they need to complete the task will come directly from the notes they took earlier that period. It is essential to keep their thoughts and information within their group- don't let any other team hear the correct answers. Have each group write two things on their page. First, the first and last names of every member in the group. Then, number their paper from 1-5 on the left hand side, skipping a few lines between each number. Indicate that this will be a contest of smarts. For each question, the group will collaborate and determine the correct answer. Once they have everyone's agreement, they write down their answer for that question on their paper. After the entire class has gone through all 5 questions, have them put down their writing utensils. Then, share out. Have 1 member from each group stand up with the paper in their hands. Ask question #1 again to the class and get the response of each group. Have them correct as they go, putting a plus sign next to the questions they get correct. After question #1, have the standing student pass the paper to someone else in their group. That person must stand and will read their group's answer to the next question. Read question #2 and repeat this process until you finish the Battle Royale. Have students total up the number they got correct and mark it at the top. If you so choose, have them report to the entire class the number they got correct. Feel free to give a prize to the group with the most correct answers. At the conclusion of the event, have them turn in their work for assessment purposes.