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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris

Interest Survey

Part of Lesson Plan: How to properly select an SAE program.

Activity Overview / Details

What's the relationship between things we're good at and things we're interested in? For example, if I'm 6'8", what might be a good sport for me to play? But should I play basketball if I am not interested in basketball? Why?(Because I won't care about it and therefore won't be good). The same principle can be applied to SAEs and how we select them. What might be the result of choosing an SAE we aren't interested in? Next up, we'll examine qualities of SAE areas and look at which ones might hold the greatest appeal to us. Distribute 1 Student Interest Survey to each student in class. Read the directions aloud and clarify any questions. Give students 5 minutes to complete the survey. When they are done, have them tally the check marks for each area and circle the area with the greatest number of check marks. If time allows, spend a few minutes having them brainstorm a few possible SAE ideas that fit with their interest area. For example, if they have a number of agribusiness selections, they could think of some agribusinesses in their town where they could work.

Materials / Resource