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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris

White Board Race

Part of Lesson Plan: Exploration of SAE possibilities

Activity Overview / Details

Clear your white board of any writing. Draw a vertical line down the middle of the board.Divide your class into equal halves and have them line up in single file on their side of the white board. Declare a white board war between the two halves and pump them up to win this event! The topic is all of the different possible SAEs they could do. Only one person at a time may write on the board and they may only write one SAE. When the writer is done, they pass the white board marker to the next person and go to the back of the line. The group with the most valid SAEs will be declared the winner. Put two minutes on the clock and declare "GO!" When the two minutes is up, have them put their pens down and ask them to be seated. Then, tally up the number of valid SAEs each group recorded. Declare the side with the most the winner and congratulate them! Then, highlight a few choices as being particularly creative or interesting! Today, we're going to see enough SAEs to fill up 10 whiteboards! Prepare to see your ideas about SAEs be blown wide open!