Lesson Plan Industry Sector
Marketing, Sales, and Services

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Willene Biere

SWOT Analysis

Part of Unit: Marketing Information Management

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

To have the students understand the concept of a SWOT analysis within the marketing plan and  then write a SWOT for their business base. Students will review successful companies SWOT analysis.

Lesson Time 90-120 minutes

Class Period
120 Minutes

Objectives and Goals

Activities in this Lesson

  • The instructor starts with a video from  http://www.marketingteacher.com/lesson-store/lesson-swot.html from the web site.

    Then the instructor passes out to each group a copy of a SWOT Analysis on companies that they are familiar with like Nike, Pepsi, Ben & Jerry, McDonalds, Home Depot, Apple and Crayola. These are just a few that can be found on the web site http://www.marketingteacher.com/lesson-store/lesson-swot.html

  • Activity #4 Lecture


    Have students view powerpoint

    Resources and Materials

    • SWOT Analysis.ppt [ Download ] Give a break down of the SWOT
  • SWOT Overview Group Work

    Students would use text book (The McGraw-Hill Marketing Essentials 2006 ISBN 0-07-861257-8)

    In section 2.1 gives a written version of what a SWOT is and breaks it down for the students. The instructor would show a power point with each acronym given. 

    Have each group read through the SWOT and determine if their business has anything similar to the company that they are reviewing.

    Then one student from each group will then read their findings from the company and point out if anything would work in their SWOT.

  • SWOT on Your Business Check Understanding

    The instructor would take a piece of paper and fold it into fourths and put a S in one square, then W in another, then O in the next and T in the last one. Then have the students come with an strength about this class, then a weakness, opportunities and then a threat

  • Guided Practice Group Work

    The students would work in their business team and come with up as least 3-5 Strengths and Weakness about their company and then 3-5 Opportunities and Threats that effect their company by external factors.

    Then the students will start brainstorming within their business team. The instructor will go around to each table and make sure the students are the right track

  • After the students have come up with 3-5 for each element, they would go the computer and type up the word document.

    This must be typed in complete sentences. 12 font and double space

  • Activity #7 Closure

    The students will turn in their SWOT Analysis, and  the instructor will review each business with the class and see that the students understood the assignment and that the class is getting a better idea of how to write it.

    As the instructor goes through each SWOT that the students wrote for their business with the class, students will be ask to particpate with suggestion.

    The students will decide if their SWOT is ready to be turned in for a grade


The instructor will then grade them to make sure that each business has 3-5 key points for each one of the elements.


SWOT Analysis

Internal Audit:

Strengths &


External Audit:

Opportunities & Threats

Discussion of

Business Risks

0 1

• Does NOT include all

components or

components are unclear

and do NOT contain

relevant content

2 3

• Includes ALL (3)


MOST components are

relatively clear,

coherent and contain

relevant content


4 5

• Includes ALL (3)


ALL components are clear,

coherent and contain

relevant content