Activity Industry Sector
Marketing, Sales, and Services

Activity Originally Created By: Justine Felton

Lecture of Good Customer Service

Part of Lesson Plan: Customer Service

Activity Overview / Details

After students write on the board the three good and bad customer traits they observed in the role playing, the teacher needs to teach them specifically the 5 main elements to customer service.  Those 5 elements are Greet, Value, Ask, Listen, and Help.  Hand each student the student notes for Good Customer Service.  The teacher may write the important notes on the board, create an overhead of the lecture notes or use the power point presentation.

Materials / Resource

  • Lecture Notes for Good Customer Service Lecture Notes for Good Customer Service [ Download ] Lecture Notes can be used to guide teacher through lecture
  • Student Notes Good Customer Service Student Notes Good Customer Service [ Download ] Student Notes for lecture of Good Customer service
  • Good Customer Service Powerpoint 5 elements Good Customer Service Power Point 5 elements [ Download ] Power Point presentation on 5 elements of Good Customer Service