Unit Industry Sector
Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

Unit Originally Created By: Mike Morris

Culinary Arts & Restaurant, Manager Services & Beverages

Part of Course: Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation Model

Unit Overview / Details

This unit will focus on the elements of culinary safety & sanitaion, emergency procedures, the restaurant business, restaurant operations, managed  services, & beverages.

Instructional Hours

25 Hours

Concept / Contents

  • Characteristics of chain & independant restaurants
  • Front and back of the house responsibilities in the restaurant business
  • Functional areas & tasks of the restaurant
  • Safety & Sanitation
  • Food Safety
  • Management of the Restaurant
  • Trends & characteristics in business, industry, leisure and recreation food service

Student Objectives / Goals

  • After this unit, students will be able to:
  • Understand and apply safe food handling skills
  • Understand the skillls needed to be an effective food server,
  • Understand the key elements of restaurant operations


Lessons in this Unit

  • Food safety is an integral element of our organizational culture which incorporates mutual respect and trust among guests, employees and vendors. Your guests expect not only a high quality dining experience, but a safe dinning experience as well.


    Three Class Periods
    110 Minutes
  • This lesson will go over the importance of Food Safety, Establishing a Food Safety System, The Food, Flow, and A Clean and Sanitary Kitchen.  Once you have completed this lesson, you will be able to train students to work in a real food service establishment. 

    Single Class Period
    4 Days
  • Students will know the importance of safety in the workplace and will become a well-rounded food service professional. 

    Two Class Periods
    110 Minutes
  • When people dine out, they expect to have a good time.  But even more important, they expect to eat good, wholesome, and safe food in a clean environment served by a pleasant wait staff.  All food service establishments are concerned about food safety.  An otherwise pleasurable dining experience can be ruined by eating food that makes you sick.  Illness caused by eating unsafe food also results in loss of business, reputation, and worst case possible this can cause death.   

    2 Class Period
    110 Minutes