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Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Patti Stanley

Types of Early Childhood Education Programs

Part of Unit: Career Exploration: Types of Early Childhood Programs and Employability Skills

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

This lesson is designed to teach the different types of early childhood programs discussed in chapter 2 of the text, Working with Young Children by Judy Herr.   The students will also be exploring the different funding sources for the programs as well as quality criteria for parents when selecting a particular child care program.


Single Class Period
55 Minutes


Consumer and Family Studies (CFS) Standards Detail

Analyze the major decisions, changes, and adjustments required of
parents. (ECDFS – F10.1.3)  

Student Objectives / Goals

The student will be able to identify the different types of early childhood programs.The student will be able to describe the 3 different sponsorships of early childhood programs. The student will be able to identify specific questions parents need to ask when researching early childhood programs for their children.

Activities in this Lesson

  • Program Toss Up Hooks / Set

    The room is set up with table groupings of 6 students. Prior to the beginning of class, place the name of one program name on each table as well as a program description on each table [these should not match]. 

    Instruct students to move about and find the description that belongs on their table, take that description back to their table and match the type of program with the description.

    This should take about 5-10 minutes.

    Resources and Materials

    • Types of ECE Programs [ Download ] This is a chart which includes the types of programs along with the description for each.
    • Classroom Set Up [ Download ] This is a chart of the way the classroom would be set up for the anticipatory set activity.
  • Teacher Says:  There are so many different types of programs because families have different needs.  There are also many different funding sources available.  Each program meets a specific need.  Now we are going to see just what the differences are.

    Next you will go through the power point presentation entitled Types of Early Childhood Programs.

    Resources and Materials

    • Types of ECE Programs [ Download ] A power point presentation about the various types of ECE Programs including review questions at the end.


Assessment Types:
Fact Sheet

Students will complete the attached Assessment tool using the information they've gathered.

  • Type of Early Childhood Program Assessment Type of Early Childhood Program Assessment [ Download ] Word document for students to complete following the power point presentation/lecture.


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